Seed to Tree
LU Luxembourg – Indie / Indiepop / Pop / Melodic / Folk Pop
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Seed To Tree
A6f0466d1bebe64f3498af1efdb5c75e171db73f Unconcerned. Ep Single 2017
A6f0466d1bebe64f3498af1efdb5c75e171db73f Unconcerned Single 2017
73677730995f689ce4dbc28a3d613c17a8fd37e2 Mainly Single 2017
Baa40bc8c82f7669644954864cac8b4866c16e8d Take My Hand Single 2015
4d2a25f052cf58cdb210a40913b9c908bc5efdf5 Wandering Album 2015
Believe Digital
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Unconcerned EP 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Wandering Album 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Seed to Tree EP 2012
Popup-records / Seed To Tree
Ba96502b53e35ba5fb12a56964770c2ef971b9b8 Lack of Proportion Single 2019
C08ca71dc89d1fb45114abe8bbaccaf84897c4d9 Within Me Single 2019
294de0b8d56ce21556ac0acb8ea6bd4aa2eeca6f I Wouldn't Mind Single 2018
Seed to Tree
37075a2fdeadf326e6d3b5fb54cf9192fe786640 Until It Gets Better Single 2015
954cb6067e175481a34bbdf1ca5992219a83230a The Early Years Ep Single 2012
Benjamin Heidrich
07dcc4ba0361db5716245a7702f1bbd0b02b1812 Integrity (You Don’t Owe Nothing To Me) Single 2019
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Proportions Album 2019
Le Papaguy
Arthur Vaccari
No Management
Press Text
Coming from an inconspicuous country in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg band Seed to Tree developed from their folk roots into a dedicated indie-pop band reminiscent of acts like Bombay Bicycle Club and Ben Howard.

An intimate voice intertwined with consistent grooves, broad guitar sounds, synth scapes and rich melodies, flirt along the lines of indie pop before meandering atmospheric folk shoegaze kicks in and envelops you.

These past years, Seed to Tree have been touring a lot in Europe, playing festivals like Reeperbahn Festival and supporting bands such as Beirut, Villagers and The Temper Trap. These experiences and new maturity clearly left their traces in the band’s recent sound. The new album, named "Proportions", sounds darker compared to their past work, leading to a musical world that is breaking with their traditional influences and questioning the emotional, intellectual and spiritual proportions within ourselves and society.