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GB Colchester – Singer/Songwriter / Alternative / Alternative Rock / Indie
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Sam Eagle under exclusive licence to Cooking Vinyl Limited. Exclusively sub-licensed to Cooking Vinyl Australia.
Ab67616d0000b27377c95a558641dce89dfa156f Moon Jelly Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b2732a83a834c446e0677ab35c1b Nothing in Particular Single 2016
Sam Eagle under exclusive licence to Cooking Vinyl Limited
Ab67616d0000b273db116607821ebfcc9a060c1e Coping Mechanisms Album 2019
Ab67616d0000b273925abdf9a4b79f38b1d6a8ca Whistleblower Single 2018
Sam Eagle under exclusive license to Cooking Vinyl Limited. Exclusively sub-licensed to Cooking Vinyl Australia.
Ab67616d0000b2736f5f5f22444e246f331edbf4 Funkenheim Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273f75740911188ab4452b018a1 Like This Single 2020
No Agency
End Of The Trail
Kelly Munro
Cooking Vinyl Publishing
Ryan Farley
Press Text
"A genius" - BBC Introducing "A songwriter with incredible natural ability." - CLASH Magazine "My favourite artist." - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6Music .

21-year old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sam Eagle has announced details of his new
EP ‘Something Out Of Nothing’. The EP will be his first since signing to Cooking Vinyl and forms the

first half of a two-EP vinyl release due out in early 2021.

Following on from his 2019 debut ‘Coping Mechanisms’, the last year has seen Sam Eagle earn
plaudits from the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio X, performing at festivals such as Latitude,
SXSW and The Great Escape, as well as going out on a headline tour – including packed out dates at
the Southbank Centre, Green Door Store and a sold-out 400 cap gig at Colchester Arts Centre.
Alongside the announcement Sam has shared the first track to be taken from the new EP entitled
‘Funkenheim’. Drawing on elements of psych-funk and leftfield pop, the track’s multifarious dynamics
and idiosyncratic musical concepts unfurl and progress without once repeating themselves. It’s an
incredibly vivid and exploratory snapshot of the evolution from Sam’s earlier more jazz driven

material, whilst also still paying homage to his roots.

The single is also accompanied by a new video filmed in Sam’s home studio. Speaking about the video
he says, "I wanted to do a video that was based solely in my home studio where the EPs where recorded. I
prefer videos with a more straightforward concept to those with a complex narrative, and I thought the
most effective way to show all the room was to have a camera panning around it, with me playing all the
instruments in the song as the single and room transforms. What seemed like a simple concept, ended up
taking two insanely long, very hot and exhausting days, but the end result was all that mattered."

The new EP ‘Something Out Of Nothing’ sees Sam home in on a bigger and more focused sound whilst
also channelling his lyrical content inwards. Drawing from the songwriting of decades before him, but
with the modern production of the current crop, Sam cites an eclectic range of artists as influences
such as JPEGmafia, Andre3000 and Kendrick Lamar as well as David Byrne and Radiohead. However,
Sam doesn’t endeavour to replicate these artists musically but credits their inspiration in terms of
approach and their attitude to experimentation and composition. The result is a collection of songs
that are powerfully imaginative, honest, and most importantly impossible to pigeonhole.

Speaking on the new EP, Sam says “The process for these songs has been about adapting and finding
new ways to work and make music. I recorded the tracks at home. The entire mixing process was done
remotely over the phone and internet. These challenges have made the songs what they are, just as challenges make us who we are as people.”

Getting to this point required a series of refinements, self-exploration, and acceptance. Sam describes
a big part of the process of writing and recording the new EP as involving him “completely losing” his
way. Whilst the last year saw him gaining traction off the back of his debut release, it also involved
many challenges and changes: a new relationship, travelling across Spain in a van and the Covid-19
lockdown, all of which subsequently led to him craving an opportunity to reconnect with why he
makes music and who he is making it for. “It’s been a pretty intense journey. I’m doing stuff now that is
much more honest to who I am...” says Sam, “I try to keep my music as pure an expression of myself as I
possibly can. These songs are about love. For other people, family, for music (or whatever you do) and
nature - the different types of love and what they bring. As a result, it changes and moves with me.”

‘Something Out Of Nothing’ is a hugely exciting leap forward from Sam’s 2019 debut, not only in its
musical development but more importantly in Sam’s own personal introspection and thematic and
creative awareness. With his sights firmly realigned, more music planned with Cooking Vinyl in the
next year and hopes to play live again soon, this is the best possible time to get onboard.