Rubik 1138

Live Act Rock Instrumental Progressive Rock Hard Rock
Rubik 1138 - Rock Instrumental Progressive Rock Hard Rock Live Act in Karlsruhe

Rubik 1138 Short Info

Rubik 1138 is a progressive instrumental rock band formed in 2009.
Originally from Metepec, México, Rubik 1138 takes their from Rubik's cube but with the inverse goal intended: insted of trying to reach six plain coloured faces, the idea is trying to mix and combine the color posibilities infinitely. Number 1138 comes from George Lucas' first film. Any guesses?
Our music travels from classic rock, to jazz, nourished gith glancs of funk, metal and at time surf and electronic music.
The band's live shows are accompanied by real time video projections and lightning to enhance viewers experience.

Discography Rubik 1138

  • 2014 Kafkatik Exposed EP | CDBaby
  • 2014 Kafkatik Album | CDBaby
  • 2011 Rubik1138 Album | Kiwi Records


  • Sound Sorberecerebros
  • Video Rastaman Chicken - Rubik113...

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7,652 Plays


  • Karlsruhe DE


  • 2009


  • Yehoudi Bass
  • Duddits Guitar
  • Mopho Guitar
  • Didi Drums

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