Royal Prospect
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Royal Prospect


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0ce76dbb7dbbff471684580bc92cee39b6ca5f66 Young Heat Single 2019
95c865ee3710528f28990e12da4c5c743e175c30 Miracles Single 2019
A6bd5241839289529989b7afd5e7d8c487ed9c0e Whisper a Sound Single 2018
F295418cd5fbb7558b8ea8e1815dbdec178e5a65 Soldier Single 2018
01a196ea542339ef2f0839b1a5160c06d4181e50 Reigns Single 2018
38052c60867dba34154fba3e1e1a081f66c67195 Hearts Single 2017
6e18d830e2405ca7754f9c278ccd5f9c79a7b76f I Feel Alright Single 2017
15b96acc28b7defb621c73e8fecbb9c30b662562 Fire Single 2016
Royal Prospect
E11f8ea767c7f6ee732bf709cb80d8bf957a7a9d Say Single 2015
75e814e5222343300110f505e54639e23eb9ee24 Go Home Single 2015
0c10d86f35f3e93e17d9e080126966fcb7c19017 Watching Your World Single 2015
D44fd7629df29832fe9a85b563f9731bf8184912 Imaginarity Single 2015
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Peter Åstedt +46733792937
Peter Åstedt +46733792937
Press Text
Royal Prospect is a young rock band from Lomma in Sweden.

Royal Prospect was formed in early 2014 by four friends; Oscar, Hannes, Gustav and Hannes.
Later that year the band participated in the Swedish version of Emergenza festival and ended up in first place. As well as performing at various Swedish festivals the band was invited to play at Croatia’s biggest music festival “Inmusic” in Zagreb in the summer of 2015, where they entertained fans on the main stage.
The EP “Watching your world” was released independently in 2015.

In 2016 the band performed at Sweden's biggest showcase festival Live at Heart.The gig was a success and the band was signed by Rehn Music Group on the spot. It also generated interest from international music festivals and PR companies.

The single Fire was featured on the British music blog Record of the Day with fine words as: "You’ll hear Coldplay and Keane influences shine through here on this uplifting track, particularly in the vocal delivery of their charismatic 19-year old front man Oscar Reingsdahl" & "this confident song points to them becoming stadium-fillers in the none-too-distant future".

The follow-up Hearts was featured on some major Spotify playlists, such as New Music Friday Sweden, Digster Future Hits and made it to a 5th place on the Top 50 Viral Sweden were the single stayed for several weeks. Due to the single's success the band were featured in the Q & A with QANDA Magazine. The music videos for both singles was released on Sweden's biggest music blog Gaffa.

In 2017 the band performance on Wheelan's main stage in Dublin at the YouBloom showcase festival and where on the spot invited to YouBloom showcase festival in LA and Mondo showcase festival in NY. Even the assistant of U2 showed an interest for the band.

Later In 2017 the band returned to Live at Heart festival with another successful performance creating new important contacts in the american industry.
In combination with Mondo NYC the band released their single I Feel Alright which was featured on New Music Friday in both Sweden and Iceland, New Releases as well as other charts on Spotify. In spring 2018 the band played at Canadian Music Week and in autumn

2018 the band visited Japan for their first asian tour, performing at the showcase festival TIMM (Tokyo international music market).

2019 They released the singles "Young Heat" and "Miracles". They are performed on Golden Melody Festival in Taiwan, and on Summerfest the worlds largest festival in USA in their Emerging Acts Series.