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Roman Gomez
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Roman Gomez is a piano, bandoneon and guitar soloist, as well as composer and arranger.

He was born and raised in Argentina, Buenos Aires, in a tango family; his dad was the tango singer of the orquestra ‘Jose Colangelo’, his uncle a famous tango dancer and the creator of the tango school ‘Tango Escuela Carlos Copello’ and his brother is a drummer. Apart from immersing himself into the world of tango from a very young age, Roman had classical piano training at the ‘Rene Deppe’ Conservatory and carried on his studies also at the Juan José Castro Conservatory in Buenos Aires. Roman also a took jazz piano studies at the Ward College in Buenos Aires and electronic music technology in Rimini, Italy, under the tutelage of Diego Bosco. He is self-taught on bandoneon and guitar.

Roman Gomez started off his professional career in Argentina where he worked together with singers and producers while gaining experience in recording studios. He then moved to Rome where he taught music and collaborated with important artists including the jazz composer Daniele Sepe, the singers Lucio Dalla, Edοardo de Angelis, Lisa, Tony Esposito, as well as the prestigious Accademia di Santa Cecilia. For the last ten years he is based in Athens, Greece, where he managed to become one of the most important musicians in the Tango and Latin music scene.

Roman’s music embraces elements from Argentinian music and Latin American folklore, while being enhanced by the flavors of Brazilian music and stylistic/improvisational elements of jazz. Through his improvisations and compositions he creates in a unique way an amalgamation of tango music and modern classical music.

Apart from his career as a soloist, composer, and arranger, Roman teaches in Athens and Rome and gives regular masterclasses on tango music in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.