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Rock Rose
Ab67616d0000b273480737f2df69e43488e1b81d Rise Against the Wind... Single 2020
Alicia Diez - Guillermo Pelosi
Ab67616d0000b2731a82ccff64389feea5f8276e Anunnaki Single 2020
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Press-text-quotation-mark *** *** *** RockRose is a four piece rock band formed in Tenerife in 2016.

Their style is based on Hard Rock but its influences go through all the variants: from Progressive Rock or Psichedelia to touches of oriental music, which gives brushstrokes that make it more attractive and original. Their rock is intense and it’s live where the energy of their interpretations is appreciated.

The repertory is mainly in English but also in Spanish.

The current formation is:

• Alicia Diez: vocals,
• Guillermo Pelosi: guitar,
• Francisco Lastra: bass
• Tino Seco: drums

In August 2018 they were selected finalists of the rock band contest
"Vive el Rock “to perform in Santa Catalina Park, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, next to the groups Prana and Obús .
Performed at the "Magic Caravan Fest" in December 2018
Performance at the "Candelaria Rock Fest" in January 2019.
Concerts in various pubs.
In April 2019 they were invited to participate in "Vive el Rock-The Concert”, with performances
in “El Arcón" pub in Tenerife and in Santa Catalina Park in Gran Canaria.
In July 2019 they were finalists of the rock band contest “Vive el Rock“ for the second consecutive year.
In 2020 they were selected for the “Garita’s Rock Festival” in Gran Canaria.
In October 2020 performed at the “Rock&Books Festival” in Gran Canaria.
Also in October 2020 they were invited by the rock band Doctor Yao to perform together in their “Freak Show” in streaming.

Currently the band is recording their first CD.

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