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Robin Hirte


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das ohr digital
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Ab67616d0000b2734e5f32b28aa123b3a29fdbf1 World Tour 2018 Album 2019
Ab67616d0000b2733bc31517b127fc523cb53787 World Tour 2019 Album 2019
Plusquam Digital
Ab67616d0000b273d45c6d7437459b901c13330c Robin Hirte (Special Edition) Album 2018
Ab67616d0000b273ab257bf523621c61b78ab754 The Works Album 2013
Minimal Techno Records
Ab67616d0000b273d1724499c0dea6cb920793fb Back Album 2016
Ab67616d0000b273c04222042cebc6defdb2886e Ham Album 2016
Baroque Records USA
Ab67616d0000b27318824d0472b34e224dd1fa57 Angel Album 2017
Ab67616d0000b273b23e2171d31e45332e9a6ea1 Egg Album 2017
Bosphorus Underground Recordings
Ab67616d0000b27314f01c8c22b804973d1df83f Ham & Egg Single 2019
3ae15fc7bdfb26361d2800063ae840b44ffded32 Rapos (Silvio Petrich Remix) Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b2738465f88e56987cbcfe26db0c Chronicles Of Techno Album 2013
Nachtstrom Schallplatten
Ab67616d0000b2731c1dc16d23cb542c4af6e7f9 Ergon Album 2014
Bloodsugar plusquam
Ab67616d0000b27329fd19b522a65e50b5f06ddb Capital Techno Album 2015
Prestige Music
Ab67616d0000b273e2d30cac2251ca5d31523007 Techno Floorbombs Album 2015
Planet Minimal (Plusquam)
Ab67616d0000b273f8093467f7067e3538a2c37e True Basis Album 2016
Baroque Records
Ab67616d0000b273e91024fc42c820a304b305cd Next Album 2018
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Press Text
Robin Hirte was born October 11 1972 in Stuttgart, the son of an opera singer and the Brother of a successful guitar player and an opera singer/singing teacher.

At the Age of 11 years he was at the "disco" in the youth club of his city - He saw this and said: "THAT'S MY THING"
3 months later he was a member of their "disco group" and had his first (of many to come) gigs (very succesful).
In the next few years he was the main DJ at all the parties and events (private and school) around his town.
Aged 15 he won a DJ Contest at a dance school and from then he played every Saturday in the "dance-school-disco".
Aged 16 he helped a friend DJ who was ill and played one night in the legendary ROXY in Stuttgart, on a Thursday on a new wave evening - Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb. The Main DJ of ROXY heard him and asked if he'd play alongside him. There he played mixed music, from Soul, Black, New Wave, Oldies, Neue Deutsche Welle. From this day on, Robin played every weekend in all the big clubs in Stuttgart, such as; OZ, BOA, Perkins Park, Musicland, Nachtwerk.
In 1993 it was the Summer of Trance, he found his Love for Techno and in the following years he had residencies and bookings in the biggest clubs in town: Skylab, Zenit, OZ, TOY, Ohm, Paris Club, Stomp, Nexus 6, Störung.
He played 3 x at Love Parade Berlin, 4 x Street Parade Zürich, some Mayday-Afterhours and many more exclusive dates.
In 1998 he began to work in the studio and had 4 releases, but these were made with other producers in their studios. Robin took his time and began to learn to produce his own style. After a little break from 2 years he came back in 2007, no longer with turntables, just the notebook and his controller that today brings a revolutionary sound to dancefloors.

Robin's styles:

Tech-House, progressive, forward (everytime with soul in it), minimal trance (for the good feeling moments), tribal grooves, techno classics (he's played them since 15), and for some people he's made his own remixes just to play them in his sets.


Vinyls (1998-2000):
DJ ROBYN - Endorphene Express (deep blue rec.)
DJ ROBYN - Cosmos (deep blue rec.)
Cores vs. Robyn - Tomahawk (noom rec.)
Cores vs. Robyn - Python (noom rec.)

Digital (2008):
Robin Hirte - Plasm EP (Gastspiel rec.)
Robin Hirte - Maya EP (Gastspiel rec.)
Robin Hirte - Waterfall EP (gastspiel rec.)
Dacido & Hirte - Pool EP (gastspiel rec.)
Dacido & Hirte - Badman EP (gastspiel rec.)
Dacido & Hirte - Cool EP (gastspiel rec.)

Vinyl 2009:
Robin Hirte - Green EP (Stereo Seven Plus Rec.)
Nico Dacido & Robin Hirte - Artefakt EP (Stereo Seven Plus Rec.)
Nico Dacido & Robin Hirte - Netzbrot EP (Stereo Seven Plus Rec.)

Digital 2009:
Robin Hirte - Not Here EP (Gastspiel Rec.)
TECH ME COMPILATION Inkl. Tracks from Robin Hirte and Dacido&Hirte (Deux Minds Rec.)
Robin Hirte - The Grid Files EP (Gastspiel Rec.)
MHD - NOT GONNA STOP REMIXES inkl Robin Hirte RMX (Deux Minds Rec.)
John Evexc - Cosm EP inkl. Robin Hirte Remix (JE Records)
Fiuset - Sendo Guaguanco inkl. Robin Hirte Remix (Gastspiel Rec.)
Subwalker - Calypso EP INKL. ROBIN HIRTE RMX (Gastspiel Rec.)
BQI - SHIFTED inkl. Robin Hirte RMX (SK Supreme Records)
ROBIN HIRTE & ROODY - Kartoffel-Liner EP (Gastspiel Rec.)
Robin Hirte & Chris Sonaxx - RAM & ROM EP (Gastspiel Rec.)
Robin Hirte - PLASM The Remixes EP (Gastspoiel Rec.)
Phunk Investigation - Voodo belief incl. Robin Hirte RMX (Absolutely Rec.)
Andrea Bertolini - Speedmaster incl. Robin Hirte Remix (Stereo Seven Plus Rec.)
TECH ME 2 COMPILATION Inkl. Tracks from Robin Hirte and Dacido&Hirte (Deux Minds Rec.)
Nico Dacido & Robin Hirte - Get Piece EP(Absolutely Rec.)
Robin Hirte - NOT HERE - The Remixes EP (Gastspiel)

1983 Besuch in der Jugendhausdisco und Beginn der Liebe zum DJ’en
1983-86 Discocrew Youth Club Stuttgart Vaihingen
1987-88 Winner of the DJ-Contest Dance Scool "Haag"
1988-89 Residency Club Roxy, Stuttgart
1990-93 Residency in Stuttgart Clubs BOA, Roxy, Oz, Nachtwerk
1994-95 Residency at Skylab und Green Underground Frickenhausen
1995-96 Residency at Zenit (today Proton), Stuttgart
1996-97 Residency at Paris Club, Stuttgart
1997-02 Resident at TOY, Stuttgart
1998-99 Residency at Ohm, Stuttgart
2000-02 Resident at Underground Beat Club, Aalen
2012-15 Resident at Club Lehmann Stuttgart
2002-20 Bookings all over the world