Ricky Doël
NL Amsterdam – House / Minimal House / Progressive House
Ricky Doël


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Ab67616d0000b273443b5add18d19bf3c409907f Deep In House Vol. 1.2 Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273e9d4b2e70047a5a857900163 Deep in House, Vol. 1 Album 2021
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M U S I C I S > M Y R E L I G I O N Ricky Doël [NL] (1985) Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has been a musical explorer even before he could talk and walk.

He learned to play the alt-saxophone and played it until he was 16. During that 8 year period of time, he performed in theaters with his teacher, who was convinced about a his talent and tried to encourage him to continue playing the sax.

This is where the electronic way of making music came into Ricky his life. His interest shifted to producing R&B and HipHop. In 2004 when he heard the hit single 'Need to feel loved' by Reflekt for the first time, he found his love for electronic music.

This present day based in Amsterdam. His enthusiasm and love for music in the house scene is what makes him stand out and found his way to express it. The genres he plays are more minimalistic sounds, with a hint of uplifting house, tech- and deep house focussing on the underground.

With an exceptional ear for music, Ricky Doël has created his own recognizable sound on his tracks and sets, formed by all the musical influences of all kind from the past and present.

Every tunnel has its end, Ricky accomplished to find the light at both sides. One of the key features of his character that makes him for who and what he
is today.

Not everyone understands house music.
It's an spiritual thing.

M U S I C I S > M Y R E L I G I O N