Renton Jules

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Renton Jules - Alternative Indiepop Indie Live Act in Antwerp

Renton Jules Short Info

Renton Jules is a band. It might be a person. But this is Renton Jules, the band. Based in Antwerp, the band strives to create music some might label indie pop rock. They try to capture a vibe, to catch a groove. The components are common enough: warm guitars, tight drums, spooky bass, keys, but very distinct vocals.

How to catch a deer' is the debut EP of Renton Jules of end 2013. The fresh yet edgy songs were mixed by Guy Fixsen. With their former band Newtown they shared the stage with Glasvegas, Throwing Muses, the Walkmen and the Stranglers.

Discography Renton Jules

  • 2013 How to catch a deer EP |


  • Sound


  • Antwerp BE


  • Geert singer / keys / ac. guitar
  • Jussi guitar / back. voc
  • Nico drums / samples / back. voc
  • Tijl bass