Redrick Sultan

Live Act Psychedelic Pop Rock
Redrick Sultan - Psychedelic Pop Rock Live Act in Vancouver

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Where does red become violet? With a passion to put the freedom of color to music, Redrick Sultan creates breezy psych pop that has the feel of new air. Melodies and chords of unique form and creation traverse and combine the worlds of guitar-based rock and pop with a freedom of pitch partly inspired by Gamelan and Turkish traditional music. Lush vocal harmonies fall on a backdrop of slinky bass, bangin' drums - all whilst wrapped in the mystery of these familiar but foreign guitar sounds.

Discography Redrick Sultan

  • 2016 Fly as a Kite Album | TBD
  • 2013 Redrick Sultan EP EP | Independant
  • 2012 Trolling For Answers Album | Independant
  • 2010 Redrick Sultan Album | Independant


  • Video Redrick Sultan - Panda
  • Video Redrick Sultan - Strawman (...
  • Sound jest us
  • Sound Batman Jesus
  • Video Redrick Sultan - Flying a K...

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  • Vancouver CA


  • 2004


  • Spencer Hargreaves Guitar, Vocals
  • Noah Jordan Bass, Vocals, Flute
  • Sean Mitchell Drums, Vocals

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