Rectum Raiders

Live Act Rock Punk Glam Rock Power Pop Power Metal
Rectum Raiders - Rock Punk Glam Rock Power Pop Power Metal Live Act in Nijmegen

Rectum Raiders Short Info

Take a line-up consisting of a bunch of half-naked glam-rockers in spandex, and a horse head. Now add a mix of cheap bear, whipped cream, massage oil, geese and cucumbers. The result: the ultimate cock-rock by the RECTUM RAIDERS! These boys are stage animals, they will make you jump and sweat on their Feminist Glam Punk compositions.

WARNING: Rectum Raiders shows are said to impregnate every male in a 12ft radius

Discography Rectum Raiders

  • 2014 Fire in the Hole EP |
  • 2012 On the Origins of Affirmation EP |


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  • Video Rectum Raiders - ''XXX-mas''


  • Nijmegen NL


  • 2010


  • Mr. Rectum Singer
  • BassRaper Bass
  • The Shred Guitar
  • BeatDestructor Drums
  • Horse Horse