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Exhibiting the type of rambunctious musical abandon the Beatles pioneered on the white album but with a searing lyrical daring, Radiola straddle the genres and defy contemporary popular conventions.

The result is something familiar yet wholly new with a deeply populist sensibility.

Radiola’s vibrant sound is an amalgam of genres and influences — a transatlantic rock gumbo, — from jazz and blues artists like Duke Ellington and Lightnin’ Hopkins to contemporary rock acts like White Denim and Arctic Monkeys and minimalist composers Jim O’Rourke and Steve Reich. As a result, their eclectic sound is equally varied in its comparisons, which include everything from Wilco, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Eels and Scott Walker to bluesy, jazzy artists and 70s rock radio. The band’s lyrics are inspired by emotional and physical pain as well as death and rare illness, all of which helped them gain insight into their complex emotional landscapes. Every single lyric and chord is poured over for, what can be, years searching for the truth of the composition.

This fearless foursome is comprised of multi-instrumentalists, including the main songwriter David Muir on vocals, guitar, harmonica and bass, James Cooper on lead guitar, Colin Bryce on keyboards, bass and backing vocals and Reuben Millward on drums. Their live shows have been hailed as 'powerful, raucous and exciting demonstrating dynamic shifts rarely heard since the 1970s'.
The first official recording called 'young hip helpline ep' and lead single 'marching squares are available NOW.