Radio Sue

Live Act Rock Heavy Rock Progressive Rock Dubstep Melodic Metal
Radio Sue - Rock Heavy Rock Progressive Rock Dubstep Melodic Metal Live Act in Kindberg/Allerheiligen

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The Styrian rock quartet RADIO SUE proves with their first album "...alles nur gespielt" that Austrian Rock music as it is, is very versatile. The experimentation of the Styrian knows no boundaries. From blues, funk, reggae, metal, rock to dubstep: Radio Sue combines these and more styles on their first album. Unique and catchy choruses, melodies and instrumental parts turn into a Radio Sue story which will catch your heart and soul and go into your ears. "Experience YOUR story, be your own radio -. With RADIO SUE ".
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Past Gigs Radio Sue

  • 06 | 2015 Kindberg Live Music Night
  • 12 | 2014 St. Katharein/Styria/Austria Rock X-MAS
  • 06 | 2014 Krieglach/Styria/Austria Beach Party
  • 06 | 2014 Strallegg/Styria/Austria After Race Party
  • 10 | 2013 Allerheiligen/Styria/Austria Halloween Rock

Discography Radio Sue

  • 2014 ...alles nur gespielt Album |


  • Sound Spiegelbild
  • Video

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  • 2011


  • Susanne Ebner Vocals, guitars, keyboards, songwriting
  • Robert Märzendorfer Bass, vocals
  • Wolfgang Czerny Drums, vocals
  • Florian Kutzner Guitars

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