Push Button Gently

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Push Button Gently - Indie Live Act in Menaggio

Push Button Gently Short Info

Push Button Gently is a thoroughly D.I.Y. band, that started out in a basement in 2006 as two guys banging on cardboard and tins.
Evolving in a non linear fashion to present day the band has gone through electronica, psychedelica to noise and indie rock and is presently cooking up the next batch of homemade tunes.
P.B.G. has an album out now, it's called "Fuzzy Blue Balloon"
P.B.G. has an EP out now, it's called "URU"
P.B.G. is recording the new album......out on March 2015

Discography Push Button Gently

  • 2014 Uru EP | Moquette Records
  • 2013 Fuzzy Blue Balloon Album | Moquette Records
  • 2011 Comfortable Creatures Album | Tubular Records


  • Video Push Button Gently - Turnar...
  • Video Push Button Gently - The Bo...
  • Video Push Button Gently - Big Blue


  • Menaggio IT


  • 2010


  • Julio Speziali Vocals - Guitar
  • Francesco Ruggiero Drums
  • Nicolò Bordoli Guitar - Vocals
  • Natale De Leo Bass