Purple Chapel

Live Act Pop Hip Hop
Purple Chapel - Pop Hip Hop Live Act in London, Kaduna

Purple Chapel Short Info

Purple Chapel's gift to you is a blissful royal musical experience designed to stimulate your mind and body in a way quiet different from any other technique. Making a connection with young and old, black and white, boy and girl, man and woman Purple Chapel understands the need for community and cultural integration. Purple Chapel is all about the retro and the future, traditional and western culture, super and natural. Listening to Purple Chapel's music is like painting a picture on an invisible canvas while realising the essence of levitation. The groove never stops just tap into it and join the endless magnetic circular rotation.

Discography Purple Chapel

  • 2015 Loving You Single | Purple Chapel
  • 2015 Daily Citizen Single | Purple Chapel
  • 2015 Royal Gold Mixtape | Purple Chapel
  • 2015 P.O.V Mixtape | Purple Chapel


  • Video Purple Chapel - Loving You
  • Video Purple Chapel's Diary - Ros...
  • Video Purple Chapel - Free my Mind
  • Sound Daily Citizen
  • Sound Purple Chapel Ft Ione - Dre...
  • Sound Purple Chapel - K.S Diamond...


  • London, Kaduna GB

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