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Publio was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1984.

He always showed a special interest for music, since his father was constantly playing guitar and piano as a hobby. At early age of 5 he started receiving piano lessons in a music school in his neighborhood, but he never had a good connection with the classical method of teaching, so he ended up quitting three years later. At age of 15 he became a big fan of punk and rock music and started self-teaching himself how to play guitar. A year later he really felt attracted for electric bass and drums, instruments that he started investigating as well. At 18 he attended the music school "Taller de Musics de Barcelona" where he studied with Vicens Solsona, Pere Arguimbau, Joan Monné or Xavi Maureta, and took many different courses as: Ear training, Harmony, Arranging, Ensembles, Music technology... At the same time he performed regularly with his punk, rock and metal bands: Fizzle out, Nekropolis and Trevalhunt, where he played guitar, bass and drums. One year later he was invited to a jazz seminar in Mouscron, Belgium, where he had as a wonderful mentor the soprano saxophonist Pierre Vaiana. This experience woke up his interest for jazz, style that he decided to study seriously from that moment. At the same time he founded the progressive-rock band called "Genkidama", where he played guitar and composed/arranged all the music. This formation won the demo contests from magazines "Total Guitar" and "Total Drums", receiving a really generous feedback. They also were finalists in other contests around Spain as "Concurso de maquetas del Casal de Sarria" or "Concurso de maquetas de Olula del Rio". At the same time, Publio was regularly offering jazz live performances in significant venues as "Palau de la Musica" or "Jazz Cava de Terrassa", among others.

In 2008, he gets awarded with a scholarship to attend "Berklee College of Music", and spent the following 3 years studying there, in Boston, Massachussets. He had the pleasure of having mentors as: Hal Crook, Mick Goodrick, Joe Lovano, George Garzone, Dave Tronzo, Ed Tomassi, etc, and incredibly improved as a jazz performer. He graduated in May 2011 with Summa Cum Laude. Immediately he moved to New York City, where he lived for one year, offering concerts weekly with settings as Yuhan Su Trio, CP Jazz Duet, etc in venues from NY and Boston as, Ryles Jazz Club, Caffe Vivaldi, the Shrine, Somethin' Jazz Club, Tomi Jazz, among others.

In April 2012 he went back to his hometown with a really clear goal: getting to know better the world of solo acoustic guitar, and started doing it by himself. He got really deep into it and recorded his first solo acoustic CD called "Acoustic" in August that same year, his second one called "Getting warmer" in November, and his third one called "New paths" in December, his third one named "New paths" in December and his fourth one titled "Imagination" in February 2013. He has performed with this project in Barcelona, Madrid, Tarragona, Formentera, London, Paris, Lille, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, New York, Taipei, Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Kobe and Hachijojima.