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PTO is a five piece band hailing from the City of Nottingham.
The Music is a fusion of old and new Rock and Punk and Metal and all that’s in between
Formed 2013
We released our first EP:
The Lost Tapes
On the 27th February 2014
Free Download
Life of Danger
Bitter Battles
Total Domination
The Band are:
Chris Hummel (Lead Vocals)
Chris Telecaster (Guitar and Vocals)
Fred the Shredster Sablitzky (Guitar)
Trevor West (Drums)
Alex Hummel (Bass and Vocals)

Past Gigs pto

  • 03 | 2014 Nottingham Notts in a Nutshell
  • 03 | 2014 Nottingham Cookie Club
  • 03 | 2014 Derby Hairy Dog

Discography pto

  • 2014 The Lost Tapes EP | Black Heart Promotions


  • Sound Life Of Danger
  • Video PTO: Life of Danger, Offici...


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