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Psychopigs's history starts in September 2008, when Tom and ShamRock where left alone by their former guitarist.

They decided to keep playing together and started a hunt for new musicians.

Eventually two guitarists: Jan and Piotr joined them.

The biggest problem - a singer – was still unresolved. ShamRock recollected his long lasting mate Laurent who showed up at the audition for a singer for their former band. Laurent said "yes" and then they where all happy together. With Laurent band played two gigs in Galway and started working on their first demo.

Unfortunately differences between the singer and the rest of the band appeared and in may 2009

Laurent left the band. Further existence of the band appeared blurry.

To keep band playing ShamRock decided to take the singers and lyricists position.

All songs got new lyrics and vocals and in those new versions you can find the at bands first CD witch is 100% D.I.Y. work. All artwork was designed by Jan and music was recorded, mixed and mastered by ShamRock.

In 2012 Jan left the band. Soon after new axe man - Michael and crazy frontman Ben became new members of Psychopigs.

The band has decided to give their music away for free as a demo version of their CD. Their motto is: "Make your music free!" or "Spread the music like a sexual disease” ;)

Band is working on their second album now.

Music we play is a weird and highly energetic mix of almost every kind riff based genre you've ever heard.

We smoothly compile punk, hardcore, metal, rock and funk creating new and fresh musical values.