Live Act Post-Punk Pop Rock
Pruikduif - Post-Punk Pop Rock Live Act in Gent

Pruikduif Short Info

By turns restless and exciting, Ghent based band Pruikduif mixes a post-punk attitude with challenging pop tunes. Raw song structures give way to expressive instrumental outbursts.
You can recognize their specific sound as a very energetic one, using unconventional rhythms intertwined with elusive vocals. Squeaked, beeped and mumbled words keep their performance within an unspoken, arousing abstract.
Odd, yet highly memorable.

Past Gigs Pruikduif

  • 05 | 2016 Ghent Pruikduif
  • 04 | 2016 Breda Ik Zie U Graag


  • Video REPETITIEKOT: Pruikduif
  • Sound


  • Gent BE


  • Rico Naessens Keys, Vocals
  • Jimmy Naessens Drums
  • Jeremie Callens Guitars
  • Remco Weyns Bass

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