Port Mone trio
BY Minsk – Jazz / Instrumental / Melodic / Worldmusic / Adult Contemporary
Port Mone trio


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Geometria. Russia
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Dip Album 2009
Artpole. Ukraine
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Khmeleva Project (with DakhaBrakha) Album 2012
Dovzhenko Centre. Ukraine
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder "Bread" silent movie. Remastered version&new soundtrack by Port Mone DVD 2014
Hevhetia. Slovakia
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Thou Album 2014
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Press Text
The Guardian (UK): “Port Mone are an instrumental trio who have forged their own voice from a mix of influences, including jazz, minimalism and ambient music.

They are still developing in this new direction and are popular among music lovers from both the east and west...”

Rolling stone (Russia): “Despite absence of folk themes, the music suggests itself to be called the roots...”

FFM (USA): “They turn the traditional harmonies of the accordion into a mix of ambient, noise, experimental, and classical/traditional forms...”

Their ability to understand the beauty and pain of the world around them drove them perform for a group of surrounded Ukrainian soldiers in the Crimea, while Russian soldiers patrolled just a stone's throw from the stage. They received standing ovations from both sides.

Since forming in Minsk, Belarus in 2006, Port Mone have become a favourite of Eastern European music critics. Their music is touched with classical times, rumbling artillery fire and folk music in a way that has won them the hearts of fans in Poland, Croatia and Russia. It is the musical chroniclers of contemporary history that are coming to your city.

Its debut album "Dip" released in 2009 by a independent label Geometry (Russia) brought them recognition and international acclaim -- it was called the best foreign album of 2009 in Croatia, and was nominated for highly respectable "Steppenwolf ward" as "The best album" and "The music" of 2010 in Russia. It was noted by the critics and won “Foreign Experts’ Prize” at Experty.by annual awards in Belarus (voted by critics from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine).

In 2012 Ukrainian based label “Nash Format” released ”Khmeleva project” - common project of Port Mone trio and Ukrainian etno-chaos band DakhaBrakha.

In 2013 the trio produced soundtrack to silent movie “Khlib” (1929, UA). (DVD released in 2014 by National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre, UA).

New album "Thou", recorded in the unusual acoustic conditions in the midst of a forest was released on Hevhetia label (Slovakia) in 2014. The album become an "Album of the year" in Belarus (Experty.by award) and got very good reviews from the european critics.

More info: http://portmonetrio.com