Live Act Post-Metal
Plavo - Post-Metal Live Act in Krusevac

Plavo Short Info

Plavo is an instrumental band from Krusevac which officially started to work in 2013. With its music Plavo is trying to express emotions caused by the collision of the inmost aspirations of an individual and the space-universe surrounding it. Often in disbalance, these two entities fight an eternal war which affects every individual, leaving multiple traces on all of the spheres of life. There is not many people who managed to synchronize their inner being with the world around them. Even less people achieved to adjust the outer space to their inner self.

Past Gigs Plavo

  • 08 | 2015 Nis LA Open Air
  • 02 | 2015 Beograd Port Noir (support)
  • 08 | 2014 Pirot Aleternacija

Discography Plavo

  • 2015 Balkan Under The Radar vol.III Single | Black Planet Records
  • 2014 Balkan Under The Radar vol. II Single | Black Planet Records


  • Video Plavo-Traganje


  • Krusevac RS


  • 2013


  • Zivko Drums
  • Bogdan Guitar
  • Stevan Bass