Petlya Pristrastiya

Live Act Alternative Post-Punk Indie
Petlya Pristrastiya - Alternative Post-Punk Indie Live Act in Minsk

Petlya Pristrastiya Short Info

Creating their very own version of post-punk belarusian band Petlia Pristrastiya has become one of the most interesting independent bands in former USSR region. The band has already released 3 albums and has received lots of positive reviews. Popular russian magazine "Afisha" named PP's debut album "the best russian rock album of the year". PP is famous for explosive and highly energetic live shows.

Discography Petlya Pristrastiya

  • 2013 Phobos Album | self-release
  • 2011 Gipnopediya Album | self-release
  • 2009 Vsem Dovolen Album | Snegiri


  • Sound Tsarapina
  • Sound Сатурн (Saturn)
  • Sound Оно (Ono)
  • Sound Диктор
  • Sound Эпилептроник


  • Minsk BY


  • 2003


  • Ivan guitar
  • Ilya vocals
  • Dima guitar
  • Tim bass
  • Lesha drums

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