Peace DC
DE Hannover – Reggae / Dancehall / Latin / Ska / Hip Hop
Peace DC


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Urban Skills Productions
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Better Days Album 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Inner Journey Album 2010
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The Hannover/ Germany- based reggae/dancehall combo spreads fat beats, deep bass and good vibes on stage. roots and dub to dancehall and hiphop; as well as soca and afrobeat influenced styles, also embedding latin and rock; they know how to combine, to get the crowd on fire!

The band was founded ten years ago by Mystical Mo,
a drummer for reggae and dancehall, touring all over
Europe. The single „Better Days“ from the recently released album
„Better Days“ entered in October 2017 the „Global Reggae
Charts“ starting on Nr. 19. The complete album also
entered the „Global Reggae Charts“ in December `17.
Various radiostations all over the world played the single
and the album.
In 2010 they published their first album
„Inner Journey“, which was followed by the album
„Better Days“, released in October 2017. At the same
time the PDC started the „Better Days Tour“ in clubs
and at festivals all over Germany and the Netherlands.
The Peace Development Crew is fighting lyrically for
peace, unity and solidarity within the mankind. By liste-
ning to their sounds or watching the videos, you soon
recognize, that they truly stand for togetherness and
solidarity between all cultures, having a unique style to
represent that, as the members come from Africa,
Southamerica, Europe and Asia.
This diversity has a deep impact on their sounds: from
Since then lots of fans from all over the world have been
excited for more to come out and are asking for it on social
media platforms,
As the Peace DC is performing in german, english and
spanish language, they are able to reach an international
audience, spreading vibes of peace, love and
togetherness all over the world.
The setting of the band can be combined, from soundsys-
tem and vocals to a bigband- combo including a