Parlez-vous anglais ?
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Parlez-vous anglais ?


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Sunglasses & Shirts EP 2012
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Dancing On the Other Side EP 2014
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Parlez-vous anglais ? is an Indie Disco Pop outfit (cause an outfit is warmer than a band in the winter) coming from Paris & Berlin, formed by Franz Matthews, Franz Jules and Franz Hamz.

The band creates a groovy Electronic Pop that could fit both in a dance club or a rock venue. Somewhere between WhoMadeWho, LCD Soundsystem, Radio 4 & Chic…

The band has now been touring since 3 years in France (Printemps de Bourges w/ SFR Jeunes Talents, Rock’n Solex, Bus Palladium, International Music Videoclip Festival…), in the UK (93 Feet East, The Lexington) and in Germany (://about blank).

Parlez-vous anglais ? is about to release a selection of tracks on which they’ve worked on in 2013. These new tracks show a different side of the band, of the landscapes they’ve been traveling on lately. Drifting away from their innocently fresh songs to add more depth, more colors to their patchwork.

The band will be releasing their new EP "Dancing in the Other Side" in march 2014.

Parlez-vous anglais ? is an Electronic Pop band from Paris & Berlin, formed by Matt Brismontier, Julien Sabourin and Hamza Bencherif. A groovy electronic Pop where catchy guitar hooks are blended with analogic synths on danceable rythms. Somewhere between WhoMadeWho, LCD Soundsystem, Radio 4, The Rapture, Chic and early era Calvin Harris…

After Mat released the first EP of the soon to become band in 2010, Julien & Hamza joined the boat and the crew has been touring since 2 years in France and in England. You may have seen (or missed) Parlez-vous anglais ? @ Printemps de Bourges Festival (SFR Jeunes Talents award), 93 Feet East, Le Bus Palladium, Rock'n Solex, L'International, International Video Clip Festival...

"Sunglasses & Shirts", their second EP, came out on FTW in march 2012. This EP quickly became the reason to go see their rocking dance shows.

The band is now working at the Studios de la Seine in Paris on new sonic experimentations which will turn out into their first album, soon !