Ooral Sea

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Ooral Sea - Stoner Rock Rock Garage Rock Live Act in Krško

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Two guys playing some loud music and having fun. We released our self-titled debut album in 2015, and since then we've been relentlessly touring the Balkan region, delivering our hard-hitting, upbeat drums and dynamic, crunchy guitar jams to every DIY, squat, music festival and skateboard event in the Balkan region.

Discography Ooral Sea

  • 2016 Ooral Suzi split EP | /
  • 2015 Ooral Sea Album | /


  • Sound Ooral Sea - Sonic
  • Sound Ooral Sea - Korado
  • Sound Ooral Sea - Ledvitza
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  • Video Ooral Sea - Go Away (Video)
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  • Slavc guitar, vocals
  • Bufo drums