Ook and the Elephant

Live Act Alternative
Ook and the Elephant - Alternative Live Act in Bolton

Ook and the Elephant Short Info

Described as "Sugar coated fury" by Counterfeit magazine, Ook and the Elephant are a Bolton based band with a love of live performance and good times in strange and beautiful places. They will shake your bones and make you want to stomp whilst eating something comforting. The sound they produce comes from the battle of wills between a bass player who has an unhealthy fear of guitar pedals, a lead guitarist who has an unhealthy love of guitar pedals and a drummer who would happily use no more than a vase and his head for percussion, all mixed with some rather nice male/female harmonies.

Past Gigs Ook and the Elephant

  • 12 | 2014 The Magnet Freehouse/Stockport Sap Tap presents
  • 11 | 2014 The Lomax/Liverpool Ook @ The Lomax
  • 10 | 2014 The Tudor Inn/Wigan Ook @ The Tudor
  • 10 | 2014 The Fingerpost/Offerton Leaf Promotions Presents...

Discography Ook and the Elephant

  • 2014 Find Yourself Gone EP | Self- released


  • Sound All Fall Down
  • Video Ook and the Elephant - Gaps...


  • Bolton GB


  • Don Mccoll Growls and Bass
  • Emily Cooke Lesser growls and guitar
  • Danny Hodgson Lead Guitar
  • Adam Smethurst Drums/percussion

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