One ManZillion
DE Berlin ā€“ Dubstep / Drum ā€™nā€™ Bass / Electronic
One ManZillion


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Experimental live electronic act.

He plays live drums to his mixes.

One ManZillion is an exhilarating sonic and visual live electronic dance performance. Bridging the gap between live and digital music with a unique, funky and metallic drumming style, OMZ creates a truly awe inspiring performance. He takes the best of seeing a live band and merges it with exciting new genres of electronic dance music. Wearing a specialized LED light suit, every drum hit is synchronized to an elaborate display of visual effects, enriching your experience further.

One ManZillion Performances :
Miami South Florida Festival
Basic II at West Palm Beach, FL
Firestone Lives - Ignition
Resident live drummer at Bullit Bar for Dub Factory
Live UStream with Irene Pardo PSP productions..
Bang! 4th of July Event
Several private Raves
Wiz Khalifa after party
dBs School Winter Break Party

Other Accomplishments::
Attended Winter Music Conference 2013, Miami FL
Recorded promotional video at Firestone Live
Played Atlantas Hottest Showcase 2013
Featured on Hemp Hop comp 2013
Regular rotation for "Hopi Grass Dance" on satellite radio
Won 2nd place for best guitarist competition for WJRR 106.7 in Denver CO. (Sponsored by Vinnie Paul)
Won 2nd place for best drummer at the Guitar Center Drum Competition in Denver Colorado
Won 2nd place for best drummer, Denver Drummers Coalition