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6 Jazzmusicstudents started Okon & The Movement because of their common love for groove in September 2011.

Concerts were following soon and in may 2012 they won the second prize in the Brussels Jazz Marathon Jazz Concours. In February 2012 released their first EP.

"Live the band creates a recognizable yet unique sound, melting together their three main influences: hip-hop, soul and jazz."

When Judith Okon arrived at the conservatory in 2009 she was greeted by a variety of talent. She soon met Lukas Somers and Louis. They all share a common interest & love for groove music as in old Soul, Gospel, Funk, HipHop, and Nu-Soul. Powerful as this trio already was they were looking to broaden there musical horizon and sound. This is where David came in on keys, boris on bass and Sep on percussion .They started playing alot and together with their background of Jazz, a personal sound evolved and a new band was created "Okon & The Movement".The no bullshit beats of Louis intertwined perfectly with the colourfull inspiring rythms of sep, while the musical interplay of lukas on guitar and Boris on bass, is given a sweet twist with david on keys. This all feeds a great energy to Judith and allows her to explore new heights with her soulful voice. The focus of the band consists out of hip hop and soul while the root of the music is still supported by their knowledge of jazz, this allows a deep groove to be set while they still maintain the ability and mobility to hover up in space with harmonic and melodic seasoning on top.