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Charlie Sparks - UK


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Global Tribe Records
Ab67616d0000b273943eef2e865f85f8292befb7 Keep Hope Alive Single 2019
Finder Records
Ff75fc0b250508abec6c957db4178c3c6f32aedc Do You Feel Me EP Single 2019
Pure Dope Digital
3b09ba28e9a505a5a67bd55e7a074b63843d1f04 Infinity EP Single 2019
White Line Music
7cdcfeb7ae3d9fd80cd98c52e73f586d78630f77 Smoke Single 2019
SMR Underground
0c0dba6ad29945b664933b08fd647d71a6e0608c Dreams E.P Single 2019
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Press Text
Charlie Sparks(UK), a half Japanese half English DJ/Producer who is based in London.

Over the course of his architecture studies, Charlie quickly fell in love with the fast pace beat filled atmosphere of the Techno Scene and the energy from the people that comes with it. Clubs and festivals such as Tobacco Docks, Printworks, Fabric, Egg and Junction 2 where the pinnacle points in Charlie’s career and allowed him to indulge in a deeper level and understanding of Techno. Frequent trips to the European Techno scene allowed Charlie to Be introduced to a more diverse seen and thus allowed further progression of his own individual beat heavy sound.

Charlie is also a co-founder of the night Eclipse which host Techno events in places such as London and Bournemouth. Through this Charlie aims to show the people of the UK what Techno is and why its a fundamental factor to life.

As natural progression occurs it did not take long until Charlie started to produce his own music and showcase his own style to the Techno scene. Charlie is currently signed to labels DSR Digital, Autektone, Naked Lunch Records, Finder Records, Black Square Recordings/Eclipse Recordings, SMR Underground, Alienator Records, Pure Dope Digital, White Line Music, Techno Addicts Records and Global Tribe Records. His releases have come in as high as number 12 in the Top 100 Hard Techno Releases chart.

This is just the start and Charlie aim to implement everything he has learnt as a designer and create spaces and atmosphere through his music and performances to allows viewers to feel one with themselves and allow them to express their emotions freely through Techno

Up Coming Gigs -

London(Werkhaus) - Minimal Force - 05/01/2020
London(The Castle) - The Hiddens - 17/01/2020
Mumbai - White Line Anniversary - 05/02/2020
Bournemouth(Bunker) - Eclipse - 28/02/2020
Past Gigs -

Bournemouth (Bunker) - Techbox - 04/04/2019
London (Werkhaus) - Eclipse - 22/06/2019
Bournemouth (Bunker) - Eclipse - 05/10/2019
Amsterdam (The Web) - White Line ADE - 18/10/2019