Odd Crew
BG Sofia – Metal / Metalcore / Acoustic Rock / Thrash Metal
Odd Crew


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776780 Records DK
Bb1d04963d7c2d3e0da3bb2857f7d41b4b752451 Dust in My Eyes Single 2018
C0cf198ccbdf4f185b345b33b677d0f2dae41af3 Same Old Me Single 2018
00a1f3a768a6da790221969911e0f1397dc166b5 I'm Free Single 2018
B6b9dec75a4d73075aaabee43920becc2c6d0524 Live at Hristo Botev Hall Album 2018
00a1f3a768a6da790221969911e0f1397dc166b5 The Lost Pages Album 2018
C02339099d2659ba57dd6674302edc5af5deb22e Mark These Words Album 2015
84789d45a9318e1c32a95948f48c4b44e4a414e0 Beyond the Shell Album 2012
Ee82d58898ee92e096af3b24f7356f7d9c5d6721 Acoustic Live Album 2011
F6f121d1b9a2676e0f1883e4989014286a29736b A Bottle of Friends Album 2010
53a229387053ea4b8817bc3cb7d22bd99bf3aa83 We Are What We Are Album 2008
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Press Text
The band was formed in 1998 in Sofia, Bulgaria by four kids around the age of 10.

The band consists of vocalist Vasil Raykov (b. Nov 4th, 1985), guitarist Vasil Parvanovski (b. March 20th, 1986), bassist Martin Stoyanov (b. May 6th, 1986) and drummer Boyan "Bonzy" Georgiev (b. Sept 14th, 1989) which are all founding and current members.
The first name of the band was ‘Kaskadiori’. Under this name during the years they released 4 CDs.

As the members of the band grew up they started writing heavier songs which quite differed from the past material. In 2008 the band decided to change their name to Odd Crew and released their first album under this name – We Are What We Are.

In 2009 Odd Crew has already played gigs on every club stage in Bulgaria and went on tours in various countries around Eastern and Western Europe among Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, England, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia, etc.

In 2010, Odd Crew released their 2nd album – A Bottle Of Friends.

In 2011 Odd Crew released 'A Bottle of Friends' DVD

In 2012, Odd Crew released their 3rd album - Beyond the Shell.

In 2014 they decided to take their 4th album’s sound to another level. They decided to work with a professional producer. Because of the lack of money and no label, they decided to launch an Indiegogo funding campaign. The campaign summed $16 000 from band’s fans and they recorded their new album ‘Mark These Words’ in Sweden with producer Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Behemoth, Meshuggah). Then the album was mixed in Florida, USA by Jason Suecof (Trivium, Six Feet Under, Black Dahlia Murder). The album was mastered by Alan Douches in NY.