Live Act Modern Prog Metal Metal Death Metal Djent
Noreah - Modern Prog Metal Metal Death Metal Djent Live Act in Berlin

Noreah Short Info

Being equally influenced by Prog and Death Metal Bands, NOREAH come up with an unique sound. Female-fronted, aggressive, experienced, challenging, catchy. Solid technical skills topped by grand melodies and heavy shouts performed by two talented singers create an explosive atmosphere. Proggy grooves and World music, Jazz, Djent and Death Metal melt into each other.

After many Gigs in 2009 and 2010, we rejoined the stage again this year with a powerful better-than-ever lineup and loads of new material.


  • Sound White Sun Red Sky.mp3
  • Sound The Perfect Race.mp3


  • Berlin DE


  • 2007


  • Alexandra Freund vocals
  • Bruno Freyer drums
  • Tim Rösner guitar
  • Felix Meinel guitar
  • Pat Roensch vocals
  • Alwin Meinel bass