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Nikk. Short Info

ikk is one of the most experienced DJs in the Stratos crew. He’s been DJ since 2005. Yalta, Cacao Beach, Club Plazma, Chervilo, Cosmo Club, Culture Beat, Tema Music Club, Wake Up are just a few of the places, where Nikk has played. He is focused on the dub and deep tech styles and is also involved in the creation and the development of Stratos. He was playing alongside with artists like Fabio Florido, Jun Akimoto, Reelow, Dean Barred, Yvo Zanev, Proudly People, Fabio Florido at Stratos events and many more. His EP collaboration with Boidae will be released by Raw Roots label later this year.

Past Gigs Nikk.

  • 11 | 2015 Sofia Stratos presents rhythmatic 8th Anniversary with tINI 4 hrs & Matt Sassari Live
  • 08 | 2015 Sunny Beach Stratos pres. REELOW, DEAN BARRED, TILEFF @ CACAO BEACH [20.08.15]


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  • Sound Dirtytrax Podcast 003 - Nikk


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  • 2005