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Discovery of Le Printemps de Bourges in 2010, nÄo have amazed audiences at already a hundred concerts and festival appearances in France and Germany with their unique sound (Maschinenfest, WGT, Riddim Collision, Impetus festival, Elektroanschlag, le Hierock Sound, Tryptique, Seconde Nature festival, Eurockéennes).

In the studio as well as on stage, nÄo develop and shape melancholic and aerial music, exploring moods from contained rage to lyrical digital outbursts.

The adventure begins a decade ago when Pierre-André decides to create the nÄo entity, in 2002.

Famous for numerous personal projects and collaborations as AudioUnit project with Peuh ! The music recomposition of the movie Metropolis from Fritz LANG (1927), the musical creation « (R) Evolution » with Marine Thibault – aka Cat’s Eyes & previous Wax Tailor's flute player – this substential work is associated with Thibaut (drums), Jordan (guitar) and Matthieu (Vjing).

Like a surgeon, the founder Pierre-André meticulously crafts mesmerizing melodies and down-tempo beats. His penchant for synthetic layers and for skillfully chiseled keyboard compositions gives his music a unique and strange atmosphere, progressively immersing the listener into nÄo's world.
Thibault and Jordan add their rhythmic impulses and abrupt riffs, creating a mesmerizing combination of playful electronica and anthemic, impulsive rock elements, resulting in something very unique and powerful.

Oscillating between contained rage and digital fury, nÂo deploy a federative and communicative power which is as well right for a rock public as for electro music fans.
The synthetic layers, the keyboard arrangements, the guitar noise riffs and skillfully orchestrated videos add an immersive atmosphere to the set.