My Dun Duggiez

Live Act Funk Rap Rock Hip Hop Cover
My Dun Duggiez - Funk Rap Rock Hip Hop Cover Live Act in Ludwigshafen

My Dun Duggiez Short Info

My Dun Duggiez is a Hip Hop party band from Mannheim, Germany. Its members are Blaze (vocals), Dre Knowledge (vocals), Pat Haze (guitar), Simon Sayz (bass), and Michi (drums). My Dun Duggiez was founded in late 2014 and have been bringing their flavor to the forefront of music ever since. Creating their own original sound with hard hitting in your face party style music, My Dun Duggiez is the new style the world has been waiting for. From Hip Hop to Funk with a mesh of R & B, Soul and good old Rock n Roll, My Dun Duggiez are setting the music world on its ear.

Past Gigs My Dun Duggiez

  • 08 | 2017 Mannheim My Type Hip Hop Festival
  • 06 | 2017 Heidleberg My Dun Duggiez live
  • 12 | 2016 Darmstadt Germany The SPH

Discography My Dun Duggiez

  • 2017 360 Degreez EP | My Dun Duggiez


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  • Sound Do You Remember
  • Sound Crack That Shit
  • Sound 5 Senses
  • Sound Hold On

Fan Radar

341 Fans
325 Plays


  • Ludwigshafen DE


  • 2014


  • Blaze Vocals
  • Dre Knowledge Vocals
  • Pat Haze Guitar
  • Simon Sayz Bass
  • Michi Drums

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