Mrs. Greenbird
DE Cologne – Folk Pop / Americana / Singer/Songwriter / Folk Pop / Country
Mrs. Greenbird
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Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH
4f2ed1efcc0051a5c9c8c8ba55176dada0e148e3 Postcards Album 2014
11f2160e758912767d290aa47da5381cf7a8f534 Everyone's the Same Single 2014
52c899f6c7f8d94866f1350296b7fd33d3e812d6 One Little Heart Single 2013
C20f2b1461448ad700303f99c546e2ecc78cc25b Mrs. Greenbird - Live Album 2013
E105483ac41a337e6e9482b0ae8ce9a252354a50 Mrs. Greenbird Album 2012
Cd94ab6ea98d6f8e40655a125e5937c483af9c98 Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales Single 2012
Greenbird Records
C7cdbd3fd6b0cb34c8c15c37ccd137b91e459986 Suzanne Single 2018
387061ab025c1ea5c4e17530e67d5bee33d87849 One Day In June Single 2018
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Greenbird - Honest, handmade and maybe a little bit weird.

The legend says it was the last will of an old bird-lady, that made the two musicians tour the stages of near and far with just one mission: to make the world a little bit better with every chord.
You gotta grant a dying parakeet a last wish, right?! ;-)

Greenbird is an independent singersongwritercountryfolkpop-duo from cologne/germany.
They have been touring constantly since 2010 and can be booked as a duo or as a full band.

Over 200.000 units sold, two Echo Nominations, debut album peaking on number 1 twice, gold record, second album „Postcards“ produced in the legendary RCA Studios in Nashville/Tennessee, a Live Entertainment Award (LEA) for the best clubtour 2013, subsequent tours with Katie Melua, Anastacia and Oscar-winning actor Tim Robbins, 7-digit clicks on Youtube & Spotify, it goes on and on and on...
Sure, this might be an appropriate tactic if one attempted to grasp the two charming musicians Sarah Nücken and Steffen Brückner, a.k.a. Greenbird. But research is not done by looking at the symptoms. So, what is the reason for Greenbird's success? Basically it's quite simple: The duo focusses on the music first and foremost. Their amalgamut of Americana, Alternative Country, flawless Pop, and tasteful folk-elements neatly fills the gaping void within Germany's musical landscape. This unassuming blend is being carried by Sarah's intense unique and crystal-clear vocals, their beutiful harmonies and Steffen's unmistakably american, highly sophisticated fretwork.
So now album number 3 is lined up, and Greenbird left their nest in Cologne/Germany and went soul- and song-searching in London, Stockholm, Nashville and Berlin. It was on last year's longest day in Stockholm that they had their very own midsummernight's dream. And the result is Greenbird's new single. „One Day in June“. It is fleet-footed and weightless, brimming over with vitality, and was produced with great care for detail in the band's own recording studio, mixed by Craig Alvin (Kasey Musgraves). The duo's style matured, yet they managed to maintain their uniquely own trademark sound they summed up in one simple word: singersongwritercountryfolkpop. Having just finished their supporttour of Clare Bowen (leading star of the hit TV-Show Nashville), Sarah and Steffen captured a perfect summer hitsong for us, in essence right in between Nashville and Cologne, a feeling of summer's zenith... In effect of the longest day of the year, when the sun simply refused to set.
And while „One Day in June“ undoubtedly carries their thumbprint, it also marks Greenbird's status quo as artists and in their career: Residing in a blooming field of magical songs that now carries new crops that allow us to remember. One day in June.