Live Act Alternative Hip-Hop Funk Alternative Metal Rock Fusion
Mr.Rabbit - Alternative Hip-Hop Funk Alternative Metal Rock Fusion Live Act in Valjevo

Mr.Rabbit Short Info

Mr.Rabbit is a Serbian alternative hip-hop/fusion bend form Valjevo, founded in 2014. In July 2014. they released their first studio album, “Nocna Luka Brodova”, published for Lampshade Media from Belgrade. In March 2015. they released new single, “Magla”, which is an announcement for their further work. Their sound is rich with genre wanderings, ranging from hip-hop and rock to funk and pop, and in the end to nu-metal and electronics. An interesting mix of genres is what makes this band unique.

Past Gigs Mr.Rabbit

  • 08 | 2015 Vrnjacka Banja Love Fest
  • 07 | 2015 Belgrade Zidic LIVE
  • 04 | 2015 Valjevo DA Fest
  • 03 | 2015 Belgrade Vracar Rocks

Discography Mr.Rabbit

  • 2015 Magla Single | Lampshade Media
  • 2014 Nocna Luka Brodova Album | Lampshade Media


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  • Valjevo RS


  • 2014


  • Aleksandar Danilovic Vocal
  • Djurdja Perovic Vocal
  • Marko Ilincic Keyboards
  • Andjelko Arnaut Drums
  • Lazar Antonić Guitar
  • Branko Vučetin Bass