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MR. BUKIT - Britpop Indiepop Garage Rock Live Act in Amsterdam

MR. BUKIT Short Info


Mr. Bukit is a Dutch four-piece indie rock band formed in 2014. After two rehearsals they already toured in Germany and The Netherlands. In september 2014 they released their first single ‘Kings/Why am I always drunk?’ which is recorded in Massive Studio, Bandung, Indonesia.. They are known for their reverbish rock sound. Mr. Bukit was part of the 'Amsterdamse Popprijs'. Currently they are already finishing the writing process for their follow up EP.

Discography MR. BUKIT

  • 2014 Kings/Why am I always drunk? Single | Own label


  • Video Mr. Bukit // Why am I alway...
  • Video Mr. Bukit // Kings (PREVIEW)


  • Amsterdam NL


  • 2014


  • Joren Heuvels Guitar and vocals
  • Bram Schabbink Guitar and vocals
  • Mette Veldhuis Drums and background vocals
  • Tom Groeneveld Bassguitar and background vocals

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