Mouse N'Monkeyz

Live Act Electronic Music Funk Fusion Industrial Indie
Mouse N'Monkeyz - Electronic Music Funk Fusion Industrial Indie Live Act in Bucharest

Mouse N'Monkeyz Short Info

Mouse N'Monkeyz is a musical project made out of different musicians
and visual artists from the U.K and Eastern-Europe. They call their
style "Fruit Music" and is a blend of pop, funk, alternative and
industrial music.
On April 25th, they released their debut album Duplex (Vol1) Diary of a Junkie through Beatdek Records
It's a concept album split in two volume(Same tale heard from two floors)

Past Gigs Mouse N'Monkeyz

  • 05 | 2016 Bucharest Femei pe Matasari

Discography Mouse N'Monkeyz

  • 2016 Duplex, Vol.1:Diary of a Junkie Album | Beatdek Records


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  • Bucharest RO


  • 2014


  • Mouse Vocals, Guitar, Synth
  • Monkeyz DJ, Synth, Guitar
  • Fly Drums, Percussion
  • Maya Back-up Singer