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Mount Rushmore Safari


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Mount Rushmore Safari EP 2012
Target Records/Soulfood Distribution
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Elba Album 201314
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Mount Rushmore Safari is a Danish indie rock band from Copenhagen.

With their modern approach to 80s inspired alternative rock song writing, the band has made a name for themselves in Denmark, playing lots of shows alongside other critically acclaimed artists such as The Kissaway Trail, The Broken Beats, Kellermensch, THE 1975 (UK), Summer Camp (UK), Gardens & Villa (US), And Also The Trees (UK) and many more.

Their debut album "Elba" is released by Target Records/Soulfood Distribution in Germany, Austria Switzerland on 11 August. - Single "John Wayne" is out now on !

MOUNT RUSHMORE SAFARI - is a rock group from Copenhagen, Denmark led by singer Andreas Sorgenfrei.

The band started as a musical playground in 2012 between Andreas and bass man Kasper Nissen (of The Rumour Said Fire), and recorded an EP which caught the attention of the media and kick started the band.

Since the early days, the band has been a work in progress with mixed musicians revolving around Sorgenfrei as the leading man. Within the short period of time that the band has existed the band has been playing a long series of concerts in Denmark and Germany, supporting well established Danish acts such as Kellermensch, The Broken Beats, and The Kissaway Trail, as well as international – THE 1975, And Also the Trees , Gardens & Villa, Summer Camp, to mention a few.

In 2013, Mount Rushmore Safari released their first full-length album “Elba” through Target Distribution. The album got fine reviews in Danish media, and got some attention from across borders as well. - German webzine Indieberlin saw the band play in Berlin and did a review on the album saying: ”Sorgenfrei's vocals really shine out on this record. In the song 'John Wayne' in particular he begins the song with a conspicuous Spaghetti-Western-tinged accent, moving seamlessly into his bright falsetto”.

British radio Amazinetunes has been quite fond of the band since their first EP came out in 2012, and had this to say of the long awaited debut album: ”It’s been said before, but bears repeating, we do love a great Scandinavian band. Mount Rushmore Safari is such a band…We told you to listen, we told our friends to listen, we pretty much told everyone that we met to just have a listen & you did.”

In 2013, Mount Rushmore Safari signed a distribution/booking deal in Germany to release “Elba” in Switzerland, Austria and Germany in 2014, where the band will be touring in the Fall.
Meanwhile, the band is already busy in Aarhus, Denmark recording their next album. Which like “Elba” is produced by Thunder & Lightning Music, and pointing in a slightly less electronic direction than the debut, and with a more rocking feel to it.


15-04-2014 POSTEN / w. WAYLAYERS (UK)
21-03-2014 FORBRÆNDINGEN / w. The Kissaway Trail
20-03-2014 TEMPLET LYNGBY / w. The Kissaway Trail
13-03-2014 VANLØSE KULTURSTATION / w. The Kissaway Trail
07-03-2014 VOXHALL / w. The Kissaway Trail
11-01-2014 CHRISTIANIAS BØRNETEATER / w. Metal Ghost
22-12-2013 Thisted Musikteater / w. The Kissaway Trail
06-12-2013 BETA / w. SUMMER CAMP (UK)
14-12-2013 SWAY / w. Captain Casanova
22-11-2013 Kayak Bar
21-11-2013 Loppen / w. THE 1975 (UK)
09-11-2013 Harders / w. The Broken Beats
02-11-2013 Huset I Magstræde
31-10-2013 Studenterhuset / w. The Broken Beats
24-10-2013 Det Bruunske Pakhus / w. The Broken Beats
17-10-2013 Hampelandskolen - MUSIKSTARTER
29-08-2013 CHRISTIANIAS BØRNETEATER / w. Jonas Villumsen
28-08-2013 HeadQuarters
27-07-2013 Kayak Bar
13-07-2013 Rust
01-06-2013 PH Caféen
11-05-2013 Studenterhuset
03-05-2013 Godsbanen, Blue Spot Festival / w. LSD on CIA
02-05-2013 Global Copenhagen (Charity Event Against Trafficking)
15-03-2013 Pools Club, Göttingen (DE)
14-03-2013 Herr Walter, Dortmund (DE)
13-03-2013 Kulturpalast, Hannover (DE)
12-03-2013 Aufsturz, Berlin (DE)
22-11-2012 Råhuset / w. Battle, Two Trick Pony
21-06-2012 HeadQuarters
09-06-2012 Rust
19-05-2012 Krudttønden / w. AND ALSO THE TREES (UK)
08-05-2012 Loppen / w. CURSIVE (US)
29-03-2012 Gimle
02-03-2012 Live Live Festival / w. Boho Dancer
11-02-2012 Huset Magstræde / w. Baby In Vain
03-02-2012 Råhuset - EP RELEASE / w. Less Win
16-12-2011 Studenterhuset
20-11-2011 Koncerthuset - Studie 4 / w. Kira Skov, Kristian Leth
18-11-2011 KB18 / w. GARDENS & VILLA (US)
03-11-2011 Hanseat, Salzwedel (D) / w. Rufus Spencer
02-09-2011 VIERTELFEST, Bremen (D) / w. Kellermensch
30-04-2011 Huset Magstræde / w. Sterling
21-04-2011 BETA / w. Coco Moon