Moriah Woods
PL Puławy – Alternative Folk / Folk / Singer/Songwriter / Alternative Country / Dark Rock
Moriah Woods


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Moriah Woods
Ab67616d0000b273d6b7f8bc3ab0a241316de2f9 Our Voice / Nasz Głos Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2736915bbd3a090f454e5711bf9 Of Fate Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b273edc28db1506288b7962ea4fa I Want To Live Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b27315f326d85d74626695ccbb29 Old Boy Album 2019
Ab67616d0000b27375738d6696b5f7440194253d The Road To Some Strange Forest Album 2016
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Press Text
Moriah Woods in an American multi-instrumentalist, dark-folk singer-songwriter living in Poland.

Music runs through her blood as her mother is a classical violinist and father, a rock musician. As a teenager Moriah left her classical roots to follow the more folk/country inspiration of her home in the Colorado mountains. Mixing with street musicians in her travels and being inspired by the likes of Johnny cash, 16 Horsepower, Townes van Zandt, Chelsea Wolfe and many other powerful yet ethereal tones of female leads, her music has a broad range of folk, country and deepness that can be clearly heard.

Moriah moved to Poland in the spring of 2014 and began performing solo as well as with band 'The Feral Trees' – A band began backing the solo arrangements in 2015 which brought about the first studio album in 2016 „The Road to Some Strange Forest” consisting of 10 compositions showing us a heavier and more refined side to the evolution of her music. ‘Old Boy’ was released in September 2019 and the band is currently on tour promoting this material.

About 'Old Boy'
This album is inspired by the struggles of addiction and depression after the passing of her father in 2017 from a long battle with mental health and addictions.
The project began as a way of processing grieving behind closed doors and opened into a desire to share and reach into other people who might be struggling in a similar way as she has known and watched her father struggle.

'Old Boy' is a message that your story and your pain is unique but not uncommon or unresolvable. That we are not alone or alien in the sufferings of life and we must remember that we are in this together and the sufferings are part of the journey that lead us to a better understanding if we let it.

Concert History
Moriah has performed in Germany, Holand, Belgium, France, USA, SZIGET (2015) in Hungary and Open’er Festival (2015) with band ‘The Feral Trees’, Slovakia, Ukraine and Estonia - and performed at Open'er (solo, 2015) Łódź Songwriter Festival (2015), Liveurope Showcase (2015), Poznań Enea Spring Break (2016), Soundrive Festival (2016), Slow Life Music Festival (2016), Augustoff Festival (2016), Piotrkoff Festival (2018). and has played support for American Artist, LP in Warsaw and Poznań, John Garcia of Kyuss and Emma Ruth Rundle (2017) Pokey LaFarge (2018) Rodrigo y Gabriela (2019) - Moriah and her band were contest finalists on ‘Firestone Headliners of Tomorrow’ (2017) and has been issued in Poland's 2019 October issue of Playboy for album reviews as well as participated in Dr.Martens live concert events.

‘Old Boy’ Album Reviews
"There's no other artist like Moriah Woods on Polish music scene. Not only because she moved from home state of Colorado to stay in the Lubelskie region of Poland. But most of all because of her roots and unique sensitivity and aesthetics. She filters through her emotions, feelings and experiences in the beautiful American tradition of folk and rock but also blues and country. Old Boy is her third album, most complete and intense in sound. To darkness which was so beautifully entwined with her songs this time she added strength, gave her compositions power which sucks you into a world of dense personal experiences. She faces personal traumas, pain and suffering, which were a part of her life. She comes out stronger, just like her music." Łukasz Kamieński - Co Jest Grane 24

"American singer-songwriter living in Poland(I don’t know where she got this idea but please make this last - be nice to her here) delighted me as the voice of The Feral Trees, band which successfully combined American folk with almost metal heavy weights. The band broke up and Moriah started recording solo. Which is also nice, until now… cause now it’s excellent. 'Old Boy' is a very intimate story about the relationship with her father, who died recently after "complications caused by mental health problems and alcohol addiction”. It is painful, intimate but universal story, because: "There’s millions of people who are on the brink / There’s millions of fathers who like to fucking drink / There’s millions of babies who cry all alone / There’s millions of addicts who die all alone”. But also: "There’s millions of good people overcome with depression”. New album by Moriah Woods is filled with despair, but also hope, darkness lit up by sun rays. She’s making amends with her father, whom she forgives, and she also forgives herself so that she can live on. She sings about all of that beautifully, plays splendidly, skilfully connects power of rock with story driven rawness of folk. Excellent, moving album." - Jarek Szubrycht / Magazine Gazeta Magnetofonowa

Full Album

Of Fate / Official Video

I Want To Live / Live Solo Unplugged

Old Boy / Live Session