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morgenfreimann - Garage Rock Live Act in Kronburg

morgenfreimann Short Info

Morgenfreimann is a naturally growing band from Germany. Members are not that young anymore, but the sound is still fresh and shiny. That's what people and press say.

We just enjoy playing those "easy-going songs" with trash guitars and "mariachi-trumpets". Search us on youtube and you'll find some stuff. We are 5-8 members of the band. Each of us tries to rule his income / outcome only with music. "morgenfreimann" is still a hobby, but a lot of fun and positive vibrations.

Past Gigs morgenfreimann

  • 06 | 2015 Nannenbach / Allgäu / Germany Rock am Schilf

Discography morgenfreimann

  • 2013 32 Freiminuten EP | free


  • Video 02 Ein neues Kapitel


  • Kronburg DE

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