Moped Loewen
HU Budapest – Indie / Experimental / Jazz / Rock
Moped Loewen
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Moped Loewen - Jazz Rock Orchestra - Memories

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Press Text
Moped Loewen is an experimental rock band, which was called to life by Daniel Varga.

It all started in 2016 in Graz, where he was studying jazz saxophone and composing at the prestigious University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG).

He recorded the 1st album of the band in the summer together with his friends and classmates, which turned out to be some kind of „frankeinstein” of music.
Different aesthetic idioms from different genres are sewed together and brought to life by jazz influence and the driving spirit of "we will play the music what we like".
Since then Daniel started a journey, where he tries to define his sound. Almost 3 years passed and the music what he writes and plays still has a certain taste of frankeinsteinism, but now his signature blue melancholic melodic touch and avantgarde instrumental heroism just beams trough all of his songs. The frankeinsteinism transformed into a very recognizable "daniel vargaism".

His new album the Moped Loewen Jazz Rock Orchestra is reaching for the stars - he wrote and arranged his music for 13 musicians. The monumetalism of his songs just got more epic with the extra 7 horns. These layered, complex arrangements are played by professional musicinas who took the challange and made this music sound special and took it to a higher level.
And there is a bonus factor: the soulfulness of the songs. All of the lyrics are prayers of a lost man, one could say psalms, poems about seeking help from God, or pictures about how faithless the humanity has became. The songs are like chapters in a novel. Chapters, which might not give you answers, but ask the questions.
The combination of the lyrics and the monumental arrangements will definitely take everyone on a journey, which will not leave anyone untouched.
You might get tied to your sofa or start dancing on your carpet and if you catch the band live, well... lucky you!

Band Members:
Daniel Varga - vocal, saxophone
Marton Fenyvesi - guitar, vocal
Fabian Supancic - hammond organ, keys
Ivar Krizic - bass
Matheus Jardim - drums