Monowi Twins

Live Act Americana Rock
Monowi Twins - Americana Rock Live Act in Ljubljana

Monowi Twins Short Info

Monowi Twins are a dark americana/southern gothic duo from Ljubljana formed on a dodgy November 2013.
They play alternative rock with dark americana influence as well as darker style folk accompanied by a melancholic banjo, roaring arrangements and strong raspy female vocals. The lyrics dwell as a story telling device describing all the things you wouldn't normally discuss over coffee.

Gigs may vary from a full set band to a smaller "folk" style session with just a banjo, vox and string support.

Past Gigs Monowi Twins

  • 07 | 2015 Vače, Litija Going Up the Country
  • 05 | 2015 Hostel Celica, Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana Paradium – 46 let radio aktivnosti Radia Študent na Metelkovi

Discography Monowi Twins

  • 2015 Then There Were Three EP |
  • 2014 Consider the Daffodils Single |
  • 2014 Hush Now Album |
  • 2014 5 Tales EP |


  • Video Monowi Twins - Crystal Empi...
  • Video Monowi Twins - So B Eet
  • Video Monowi Twins - Ariana
  • Video Monowi Twins - Curb Crawlin...

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  • 2013


  • Andi Koglot composer, banjo player, producer
  • Sanja FC vocals, lyrics, co-writer