Live Act Jazz Melodic Groove Improvisation
Molino - Jazz Melodic Groove Improvisation Live Act in Amsterdam

Molino Short Info

Have you ever yearned to learn of a culture untouched by modern society?

Now is your chance!

Elsewhere has suddenly decided to open its doors from isolation and present its rich musical heritage. Molino is a band native to this bizarre landscape and has been chosen to represent their country as ambassadors to the rest of the world.
Molino still performs using an acoustic setting typical of their homeland, with bass clarinet/clarinet, alto/ baritone saxophone, tuba, trumpet, trombone and drums.

This is guaranteed to be a hurly burly ride of infinte possibilities, it is sure to capture your imagination.


  • Media Pferde Zähmen​/​Pferde Ste...


  • Amsterdam NL


  • Linus Kleinlosen Alto / Baritone Saxophone
  • Oliver Emmitt Trombone
  • George Hadow Drums
  • Mauricio Ramirez Drums
  • Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson Clarinet / Bassclarinet
  • Axel Schappert Tuba
  • Luc Klein Trumpet