Miss Natasha Enquist

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Miss Natasha Enquist - Alternative Pop Electronic Live Act in Berlin

Miss Natasha Enquist Short Info

Miss Natasha Enquist is a Canadian accordionist, singer and performer based in Berlin, Germany, known for her variety of musical work within theater, musical ensembles, experimental performances, and for bridging the gap between electronic pop music and the accordion with her dreamy, dark, romantic "electro-accordion chanteuse" style.

Discography Miss Natasha Enquist

  • 2016 Villians Single | MNE Records
  • 2015 Weltgeist EP | MNE Records
  • 2015 Summer Bird EP | MNE Records


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  • Miss Natasha Enquist Singer, Accordionist
  • Jacopo Vannini Support Band Member
  • Salvatore Siciliano Dancer/Choreographer