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Mindspeak Short Info

MINDSPEAK is a progressive-rock-quintet based in Vienna, Austria. The age of the musicians ranges from 19 to 23, the sum of the individual members’ tastes in music adds up to an even greater spectrum. This melting pot of various inspirations and playing techniques results in a very distinct and individual sound that can’t be traced back to a single influence or genre. The MINDSPEAK-sound.

Discography Mindspeak

  • 2014 Pictures Album |


  • Video Mindspeak - The Big Sleep, ...
  • Video Mindspeak - The Big Sleep, ...
  • Video Mindspeak - Tragedy of Perf...


  • Vienna AT


  • 2009


  • Viktoria Simon Vocals
  • Simon Nagy Bass
  • Alex Clement Guitar
  • Christoph Kasparovsky Keyboard, E-Organ
  • Gabriel Lahrmann Drums, Percussion