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Milk Drinkers


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Kiez Beatz
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Xceed Records
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electro/punk duo that already received support from The Bloody Beetrots and many other established artists in their genre.

One of the main acts at Frequency Festival 2014. Their new EP Revelation just came out on an English based record label Xceed Records

Milk Drinkers are in its core, an anomaly.
Since the beginning and till their end, their
route shall take no regard to the labyrinth
of socially acceptable.
Complicated elaborations may be essential
to the EDM trends but they stay pure, they
honour their own code. An electronic music
band by definition, but a punk rebellion in
their purpose, consists of Samo Kapljic
(Trey Rockz) and Julian Daniel (Conte).
Milk Drinkers are, despite their youth, an
already established duo, that has overtaken
their home Slovenian club scene in just two
years of their existance. Their unique style
brings an exciting flavour to their sets. The
most essential parts of their live act, a bottle
of Jack Daniels and a pair of Wayfarers, is
combined with a large Milk Drinkers logo
light, that has became a trademark of their
They founded the group in late 2010. Their
influences range from rock, disco to hip hop
etc. They search for new subgenres of
electro music by combining the influences of
more classical rock and metal groups like
The Doors or Motorhead, in order to create
something new and unique, they disregard
the established guidelines of known electro
In January, 2012, they released their debut EP "Leather Nation" on two record labels, a Slovenia based Chakra,
founded by Ian Green and the electro lable Kiez Beats from Hamburg, Germany. EP's reach was expanded by
the support of The Bloody Beetroots, who also acknowledged their most recent remix of 'Cornelius'.
In 2014, their new EP 'Revelation came out on an english based label, Xceed World and is available on Beatport: