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Live Act Bass Acoustic Experimental Melodic Avantgarde
Miles Perkin - Bass Acoustic Experimental Melodic Avantgarde Live Act in Berlin

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Miles Perkin (b. 1980) double bassist, improviser, composer, songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, musical explorer. Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, the imagery of the big sky and wide open landscapes have forever permeated his music.

A unique voice on the Double Bass, his captivating solo sets juxtapose his high singing voice against the low tones of the bass. He uses a unique combination of conventional, extended and invented techniques along with unconventional tools to extract a vast palate of sounds from his bass.

Discography Miles Perkin

  • 2017 Don't Break Single |
  • 2012 Objects In Mirror Album | Independent
  • 2008 Aposiopesis Album |


  • Video Street Escape - Miles Perki...

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