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Superstition Records
Ab67616d0000b2733d9fb6ec57013b24bd3145bd How Deep Is Your Love (Remixes) Single 2002
Ab67616d0000b273c6ccff351e391caebe575a75 GameTrax EP, Vol. 1 Single 2001
Ab67616d0000b273f7183d1c358cfff3a400c844 GameTrax Vol 2 EP (Music From & Inspired By The Playstation 2 Game) Single 2001
Ab67616d0000b273eed58e83f714ae930c24ac1b Paperwall EP Single 2001
Ab67616d0000b2733a96fbf0d3e00da067d729c1 Teamwork (Remixes) Single 1999
Ab67616d0000b2736dd10f6a81f558b8d208bd5c Teamwork Album 1999
Ab67616d0000b273b89c799eecf0103d88771616 Everyground Album 1999
Ab67616d0000b273466fdf610af6667f051dfc01 Glow Album 1997
BluFin Records
Ab67616d0000b2735d0c90fee86881fc93e56e52 Mankind United EP Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b2734e6ad96b2e7003c08cfce114 Bleibtreu EP Single 2014
Ab67616d0000b273f26d8bb03db7e254ad786bec Denn es ist wie es ist ,weil du bist wie du bist Single 2006
Ab67616d0000b273fe86b10bfa3844ccdb6d8fd2 Ebony & Ivory Single 2010
Ab67616d0000b273d22ba16a545631529b460847 X Mas Carols Single 2008
Ab67616d0000b27336a8c373ed0520b5d19fd14e Boa Single 2007
Blufin Records
Ab67616d0000b273f45593db587264cbc5bd64d3 Denn Es Ist Wie Es Ist - Weil Du Bist Wie Du Bist Single 2007
Frisbee Tracks
Ab67616d0000b273f4dd3d3bbbc574b742fd3c88 Motherwomb Single 2007
Hypnotic Room
Ab67616d0000b273afed0d533383228554762cbb Feel Unreal Single 2010
Sender Records
Ab67616d0000b273294ea6514af0c1d3fa82cd6c Moonlight/Spotlight Single 2013
Ab67616d0000b273f0e0b33fe52ee98fba485fc8 Peace 4 All EP Single 2018
Traum Schallplatten
Ab67616d0000b273aae85f3c414fc20680fa5bbc Berlin - Vienna Connection Chapter 1 Single 2019
microglobe booking
Heidi Madsen
microglobe musikproduktion
Michael Mangels
Ed.Babelfish/ Rückbank
Tobias Lampe
Press Text
Producer since 1990 - Live Act since 1990 - DJ since 1992 from Berlin/ Germany As bold as ever, Techno music has always been at the centre of Mijk van Dijk’s musical universe, the place he calls his ‘microglobe’.

Not satisfied with only mixing moving beats and emotive sounds, Mijk is dedicated to spreading a message through song titles, samples and his own lyrics. The idea of a microglobe: sharing ideas and music with people across an ever more connected planet and the facets of electronic music just being audible continents in a world of music continues to shape his artistic imagination.

Throughout a career that now spans 29 years in electronic music alone, Mijk has produced with and for a diverse number of artists, including DJ Hell, Claude Young, Takkyu Ishino, Thomas Schuhmacher, DJ Rok, Toby Izui, Tanith, Cosmic Baby, Namito, Rummy Sharma, Rob Acid, Tom Wax and Martin Eyerer. He has also remixed Moby, Denki Groove, 2raumwohnung, GTO, Frankie Bones, Humate and Emmanuel Top, to name but a few. One of his most acclaimed productions to date – the Marmion tune Schöneberg – was conceived in collaboration with Marcos López and is considered as one of the eternal classics in House and Techno.

Mijk has toured worldwide and developed an especially strong bond with fans in Japan, where he released on major and independent labels, such as Sony Music and Frogman Records.

Being a practiced musician Mijk van Dijk has played live to audiences of tens of thousands, as well as jamming with music artists of different disciplines and genres. His DJ sets may often include live elements such as drum machines and effects, making each a fresh and exclusive experience.

Microglobe is now home to all the different shades of Mijk’s musical style. It began as a project name under which he released his first album Afreuropamericasiaustralica and now represents his new label microglobe musik produktion which merges all the influences of Mijk’s music in one distinctive musical message.
Other releases due to be released soon in 2019 are his debut EP on Trapez Records as well as works for the relaunched legendary Techno labels Force Inc. and djungle fever.

Mijk van Dijk was already called Multi-Mijk by Germany’s leading Techno mag Frontpage in the early 90s. This is truer today than ever before.