Michał Lewicki

Live Act Electronic Music
Michał Lewicki - Electronic Music Live Act in Warsaw

Michał Lewicki Short Info

Michał Lewicki's upcoming Ton album for Project: Mooncircle is the result of an uncoventional production process. A Polish artist who is said to have "always been searching for new ways to implement mathematics into his music," Lewicki (who also produces under the name Deam) initially began building his LP by making use of a variety of MIDI generators, MIDI delays, polyrhythms, pitch shifters, scales, and more in order to create generative sequences that would supply different results with every pass. From that base, Lewicki edited and arranged the results, adding extra instrumentation as his mathematically rooted pieces began to take shape.

Past Gigs Michał Lewicki

  • 06 | 2015 Warsaw Flying Lotus in Warsaw
  • 04 | 2015 Warsaw Red Bull Music Weekender
  • 04 | 2015 Poznań

Discography Michał Lewicki

  • 2015 ton Album | Project Mooncircle


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  • Warsaw PL


  • 2008


  • Michał Lewicki main man
  • Wojciech Ziniewicz bass
  • Kacper Peresada keys